Graphite Crucible Furnace Casting Foundry Ingot Metal Melting Tool 0.5 to 18 KG


Graphite Crucible



Sizes:  1kg / 2kg / 4kg / 6kg / 7kg / 8kg / 10kg / 12kg / 14kg / 16kg / 18kg




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Condition: 100% Brand new



Material: Silicon carbide graphite



Refractoriness ≥1635 ℃



Carbon content ≥41.46%



Porosity ≤32%



Bulk density ≥1.71g / cm3




The size measured on a random pick product.



Actual product measurements +/-3mm



Weights +/-10g








0.5kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 65mm
  Inner top diameter 55mm
  Height 90mm
  Base outer diameter 60mm
  Weight 420gms





1kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 85mm
  Inner top diameter 66mm
  Height 100mm
  Base outer diameter 60mm
  Weight 420gms





2kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 110mm
  Inner top diameter 80mm
  Height 120mm
  Base outer diameter 65mm
  Weight 600gms





3kg Crucible 
  Outer Top Diameter 110mm
  Inner Top Diameter 90mm
  Height 120mm
  Base Outer Diameter 75mm 
  Weight 700gms




4kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 120mm
  Inner top diameter 95mm
  Height 150mm
  Base outer diameter 80mm
  Weight 1000gms





6kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 140mm
  Inner top diameter 115mm
  Height 170mm
  Base outer diameter 95mm
  Weight 1480gms





7kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 145mm
  Inner top diameter 120mm
  Height 185mm
  Base outer diameter 110mm
  Weight 1680gms




8kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 155mm
  Inner top diameter 130mm
  Height 185mm
  Base outer diameter 110mm
  Weight 2130gms





10kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 175mm
  Inner top diameter 140mm
  Height 215mm
  Base outer diameter 110mm
  Weight 2970gms





12kg Crucible
  Outer top diameter 185mm
  Inner top diameter 150mm
  Height 220mm
  Base outer diameter 120mm
  Weight 3460gms





14kg Crucible
  outer top diameter 210mm
  Inner top diameter 155mm
  Height 250mm
  Base outer diameter 140mm
  Weight 4000gms




16kg Crucible
  outer top diameter 220mm
  Inner top diameter 160mm
  Height 260mm
  Base outer diameter 140mm
  Weight 4770gms





18kg Crucible
  outer top diameter 250mm
  Inner top diameter 165mm
  Height 280mm
  Base outer diameter 145mm
  Weight 5035gms








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